Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Does the Governor Even Come Here?

The Governor's Ball in New York.

I got two jobs that summer after being an intern at Hangout Music Fest.

The first was working for The Governor's Ball at Randall's Island Park, New York.

We were busy working most of the time and the one chance we did get to go watch some of the artists, it started pouring down rain.

Why is it always trying to rain on my parade?

We did eat some giant slices of pizza and let me tell you, it was tasty.

Then we went to Bethel Woods, New York to work Mysteryland.

So this is where they actually had Woodstock in 1969. I swear I saw hippie ghosts.

Mysteryland was my favorite between the two. There weren't as many people. It was hidden away from the city (unlike in New York City.)

The only downside was that even though it was warm and sunny during the day, it was freezing at night. And we were camping. In tents. In 30 degree temperatures.

Needless to say we survived.

Next time I'll be sure to pack warmer clothes.

The Governor's Ball June 2016

Mysteryland June 2016

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