Tuesday, April 18, 2017

We Seem to be Having Bad Luck

"What happened at Whitelake this weekend may have been more than an uncontrolled outpouring of hip young people, struggling as they did to survive. First, the 20-mile traffic jams and 5-mile hikes; then, the intense heat and sudden rain; the thirst and hunger from the shortage of water and food, just for the opportunity to spend a few days in the country getting stoned on their drugs, and grooving on the music. What happened at Whitelake was that hundreds of thousands of kids invaded a rural resort area totally unprepared to accommodate them."
- John Laurence, CSB News
That's an anchor talking about Woodstock in 1969 but it sounds almost exactly like what happened at Tomorrowworld.
The last time they had the festival was 2015.
It was my first time going to Chattahoochie Hills, Georgia.
Everything seemed to be going well at first. The first day was scorchingly hot. Even more so because we had to carry all of our stuff for miles. Tents, ice chests, food, cases of water bottles, chairs, everything.
Then the weather hit.
It poured rain for 3 days straight.
Our campsite was flooded. There was mud everywhere. And I mean everywhere.
We tried to keep the inside of our tent clean as best as we could, but the ground was so wet the inside of our tent started flooding!
Apparently worse things were going on for those who decided not to camp at the festival. There were no taxis or ubers, no food or water, no service and on the last day they didn't even let people who weren't camping into the festival at all!
Even though we were soaking wet pretty much the whole time, had mud in every crevice of our bodies, I still had a fun time. And I would go back.
Luckily I had brought ponchos so we stayed dry most of the time. It was kind of fun slipping and sliding around in the mud like a kid again. 
All you really need is good music and good company anyways, right?
Hopefully the festival will be back soon, just, safety first.  

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