Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"Dubai was Lit Ma"

Gold Lamborghinis.

I think that pretty much sums up Dubai.

I was most impressed with how nice their highways were, as lame as that sounds.

Every restaurant, every bathroom, every place is clean. And constantly cleaned to keep it that way.

The world's tallest building is here, the Burj Khalifa. Definitely a must-see and even better if you have time to go up to the top.

We only spent a few days in Dubai for my birthday and New Year's Eve.

We ate dinner at the bottom of the Burj Khalifa one night as the building was lit up and changing colors.

There was an extravagant wedding going on. To us it seemed like a prince or princess was getting married because the wedding was such a celebration.

Even the bride's walk was set to a certain time for the fountains to go off right behind her.

There were cameras filming from every angle and loud music playing.

It was the most glamorous wedding I've seen in my life.

But my favorite part of the trip was almost dying in the desert. Well feeling like I was going to.

A desert safari tour through the Arabian desert.

Toyota 4runners sliding down sand dunes. Going fast up and down, being thrown around like a fair ride.

It was scary yet thrilling.

How did they know where they were going?

We finally reached the rest of the group in time to watch the sun set.

Then they took us to a campsite area where we had an indian buffet dinner, watched bellydancers and got henna tattoos.

I love getting to experience new cultures and meeting people from all over the world.

Here's a funny video in case you didn't understand the title of this blog:


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