Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Other Side of the World

Thailand is an amazing place.

I had never been to Asia before, so traveling here was definitely eye-opening. The country isn't as wealthy as the United States. The air and streets in Bangkok weren't clean. It didn't smell very good outside either.

I enjoyed trying to learn the language and the culture of the Thai people. It intrigues me.

You have to cover up when you go into the temples, and you are supposed to take off your shoes. The temples are a popular tourist attraction, and sometimes they can get pretty crowded, especially the Grand Palace. But the palace is beautiful and a must-see!

Be careful, the natives can spot tourists easily and will try to scam you every chance you get.

Remember to bargain, bargain, bargain, when buying anything.

And if your price offer doesn't work, walk away. They'll change their mind.

We had a drink at the top of the building where one of the Hangover movies was filmed. It was at the Lebua at State Tower Hotel.

You could see the whole city from here.

Another popular spot for tourists and especially backpackers is Khao San Road. It's crazy. You'll just have to see it for yourself.

We then went to the city of Pattaya. It was about a two hour drive from Bangkok.

We stayed near the beach. However, this wasn't one of my favorite beaches.

The Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens are in Pattaya, and this is what we really wanted to see. The gardens stretched so far I don't think we even came close to seeing all of it. But they were gorgeous.

We continued our journey on to The Sanctuary of Truth. It looks somewhat out of place, this giant, beautifully carved, wooden structure sticking out of the trees right next to the ocean.

The Sanctuary of Truth may have been my favorite thing about Thailand. I was just awe-struck by it all.

We stayed a week in Phuket at a beach resort. It was so relaxing and nice to getaway from the city-life.

We were there during the rainy season so there were a few showers off and on, but nothing too unbearable.

The street food is the cheapest and best tasting, but I'm not sure how sanitary. We both had food poisoning for a few days, which is never fun, but kind of expected when you go to a new country.

We also rented a motorcycle bike for the week. This made getting around so much cheaper.

The Full Moon Parties are supposed to be amazing here, but we weren't there for the full moon, just the half moon.

The Half Moon Party was a ton of fun so I can only imagine the Full Moon Parties. There was music, dancing, drinks, body paint, and even fire performers and a fire limbo! I would definitely recommend going to either a Full or Half Moon Party if you get the chance.

All this talk of Thailand makes me want to go back already.

 The Sanctuary of Truth
 Street food
Me at the Half Moon Party
An elephant
A cool spot in the Nong Nooch Gardens

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